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Norwich meeting - alfredafq1 - 03-09-2011


Does anyone on here attend the meeting in Norwich? I'm planning to go to the meeting next wednesday but i'm nervous and would like someone to turn up with...



Re: Norwich meeting - alfredafq1 - 07-09-2011

Hi Smartie, thanks for those words of encouragement. I was looking for excuses not to go tonight, but having endured another stint in my local bookmakers I AM going to my first meeting, tonight. Is it considered back etiquette to leave half way through? I'm thinking about getting home you see...

Warm wishes


Re: Norwich meeting - alfredafq1 - 13-09-2011

Hi all,

Having mentally prepared myself for my first meeting I was somewhat dismayed to turn up at the address only to find no meeting taking place. Nobody I spoke to were particularly helpful, there was a yoga lesson going on instead. One person I asked didn't even bother to stop and answer, just said they didn't know and carried on walking.

All rather deflating. I suspect the information on this site is out of date.