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Pay day today... - Eroschenkodax - 07-09-2011

It's been 23 days since I came clean to my wife. Today is the first payday since I came back to GA.

Today I am sorting out most of the companies I had borrowed money from, prior to my acceptance that I had a problem.
I know that I will be potless by the end of today/this morning, but I know next month will be a slightly different story.
I'll still be struggling in 28 days time, but I will at least be contributing something towards the house in next month's wages.
I have so much at stake and don't want to let my family down, as well as myself. So gambling is totally off the agenda for once. In the past I would be chasing on payday, trying to turn straw into gold. Today, I just breezed past the bookies and didn't give it a second thought.

I want to keep it that way!

Good luck to everyone in their respective battles.

Mr Blue Sky.

P.S Thank you to GA for screwing my head back on.

Re: Pay day today... - Guest - 08-09-2011

Craig Admin Wrote:One of the problems we seem to encounter when first stopping is the importance we place on "pay day". It's just another day, a day we pay bills, a day we go to work, a day we wake up, a day we sleep, a day we sometimes struggle and need support. We should try and not add any further pressure to our "normal days" by making it a "pay day".
Regards Craig

i like this advice, I will also remember that