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A DAY AT A TIME - helen - 07-10-2011

The first thing I do everyday is say to myself "I will live to-day as if it is my last day on Earth".

I usually don't make the whole day without something unbetold happening, but I am human after all.

Recovery is great and I am finally free and happy - NO longer do I live in FEAR!

Have a lovely week-end everyone.


Re: A DAY AT A TIME - helen - 12-10-2011

Hi Ya Smartie,
You know one of things in recovery is trying to fill in your time. I try to do something purposeful everday and I think I can find always find things to do, especially around the house.
I can remember the gambling days when I would rush home and slap a meal together or go running to the supermarket to find the cheapest goods to make a meal or maybe not even go home at all.
It was a nightmare of a life and sometimes I still need to go back and revisit these things just to remind me of where I have come and how good recovery is.
Have a good life Smartie, you put a lot of time on here and it's good to see you doing your 12th step.