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1 day ata time - slalomskiboy - 11-10-2011

My name is Andy and I am a compulsive gambler.Thankfully I havent had a bet for 506 days since 20 may 2010
and just for today I will not gamble.I attend ga meetings as much as I can as I know I cannot keep the disease at bay by myself.I am still picking the pieces up from my last bet 17 months ago and still in as much debt as I was thyen,but Im not gambling,so I dont even care too know how I managed it for 25 years,but I did and its gone.I hope 1 day that I will get out of the big hole I dug myself and I never want to gamble again as its destroyed my life and I HATE GAMBLING,HATE IT and that is why I am where I am today,all because I gambled and lost everything 10 times over including part of myself which will never return,but just for today I will NOT gamble.Andy