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Re: Why bother attending ga / putting back into my recovery? - helen - 20-11-2011

Hi Smartie, Helen here from Australia.
You keep on doing what you are doing! I always look out for your postings and the help that you give people. This is what the 12th step is about.
You are always here helping people. I know that sometimes it may not seem that you are being appreciated but as you well know us CG's can be selfish sometimes.
Anyway Smartie keep up the good work.
Helen xxxxx

Re: Why bother attending ga / putting back into my recovery? - Guest - 27-11-2011

The reason I still attend GA after 24 years off of a bet is that I got to 24 years off a bet by attending meetings. The reason I try to give back is that it works, the more I give the more I get back. Those who don't go to meetings also don't get to hear what happens to those who don't attend meetings.

Keep coming and keep getting better


smartie Wrote:Why bother?

The thought crosses my head regularly. I've got 8 years of recovery in GA. I attend GA meetings regularly for me, keep busy with my recovery and have got a great life now. Can't I just stop attending GA or putting back into the fellowship...particularly when I feel my efforts go unappreciated sometimes.

However I happened to come across an article on a loop i take part in which reminded me that service and giving back step 12 is something I do for myself and my recovery.

Service is the ultimate tool in my tool kit!!

My sharing contributes to me supporting GA and for me to stay abstinent I need GA and its groups to attend and that's why I do service. It doesn't matter what other people do, it only matters what I do on my side of the street. I also remind myself that if no-one had put in service and been at a GA meeting for me when I first attended - would I have got recovery? Would I have hope in my life?

Why do I bother to use the tools? Because I know what my life was like before I found the tools. Too much misery and discomfort and self-pity and shame. I could go on and on. The bottom line is, GA works. IF you work it. And for me, that means accessing the tools.

In unity