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meeting addresses - Guest - 24-12-2011

Is there a meeting closer than Maidstone to Ashford in Kent please ?

Re: meeting addresses - smartie - 27-12-2011

Hi Guest,

My apologies that i cannot offer your question directly, but my geography knowledge is rather poor....

However I am going on the assumption that you have looked through all the GA meetings in your area and are looking for one that is not yet on the list?

GA meetings need to be properly organised so when new members come to them for the first time they can receive the GA recovery program and hopefully see there is hope in recovery from gambling...

I know that when I first went to GA, i had to travel some distance to get to my meeting and this did put me off going for some while. However the choice of continued gambling or getting some help finally told and I did make my way there one cold night and I received the warmest of welcomes.

I found I was no longer alone in the pain of my gambling addiction...That there were others like me who couldn't stop...However I also found GA members who had stopped gambling a day at a time using the GA recovery program and I did my best to listen to these people...

So please do your best guest..Get to a meeting and then as I was guided, please keep going...
I found in recovery as in life in general, you tend to get out of something what you put in...
So give as much of yourself to the GA recovery program and Just for Today I wish you the best...

In unity