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I've had my 'rock bottom' moment. - drews84 - 07-01-2012

Hey folks,

As title says, I've had my rock bottom moment of realisation tonight. It might not be a big loss for some, but for me it is. The times 6.50am, I've been up all night (making an excuse from my wife so I can go to the other room) and I've lost on live roulette.

I'm devastated. And really annoyed with myself, not to mention embarrassed. I suppose this was what it was going to take for me to realise that I couldn't beat the house. I thought I was invincible.

Here I am, but that's the price for me never betting again and sorting myself out.

Don't even know why I came here, but I guess I had to admit I had a problem.

If anyone's got any advice or anything to share please do.

Thanks, Drews84

Re: I've had my 'rock bottom' moment. - smartie - 11-01-2012

Hi Drews,

Like Maverick, I had many rock bottoms....

I sunk to lows i never thought i would...only for the next day / week / month to sink even lower...

What changed for me is when I accepted I was addicted to compulsive gambling and accepted i needed help to recover, not just stop, from this addiction....

Yet every day gambling whispers in my ear...gently reminding me it’s here and that it would be OK to place a bet or two....

The difference now is every day I work the GA recovery program, i learn more about myself as a person, and just for today, stay in the light compared to the darkness....

in unity