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My problem - Sean89 - 16-01-2012

Hi I have only recently come out as a gambler. It only started as just a couple of small football acumalator and turned in to a everyday thing and eventually took over my life i started when i was 17 turning 18 and i am now 22 and has become my life. I have only just started to actually think i have a promblem now after i have lost the most amount of money i have ever had. I got given a large inheirentence and i ended up spending ever penny down the bookies. I have let down everybody around me and i am about to gamble the best thing and thats my fiancee. I really need help to get over this and get the better of it. I no i have the willpower to do it. I have made sure i have no access to any money now and that has helped a huge amount but the urge is still there.So far im beating it and feel better, better than any win.
thank you reading

Re: My problem - smartie - 22-01-2012

Hi Sean,

Welcome to the GA forum...

Sure you've had a good read around on this site and I hope you've noticed the location of your nearest GA meeting if you want any help in your recovery...

I use many blockers in my recovery also and access to money is only one of the many tools i have in my toolkit...

Let us know how your getting on...