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Re: spreadbetting problem - smartie - 21-02-2012

Hi John,

john11 Wrote:I still have credit card debts so after a couple of months I start trading again, thinking this time I will keep control and not lose any more money, I don't and end up doubling those debts. To solve this I remortgaged intending to pay them off, don't and end up losing all that money too.

john11 Wrote:Im also losing contact with friends so I clearly need to gain the courage to go to GA meetings again.

I know most of the time i knew the answers also. Yet I remind myself that this is a powerful illness which is incredibly addictive and I try and give myself a break.
I've never been able to stop gambling on my own, but in GA, Just for today, I've been able to stop and recover a day at a time.

I don't give advice John..messed up myself too many times....

What I can say is the day I went back to GA was the best choice I've made in a long time. Yes I was nervous, worried and anxious about the reactions of the group and myself, but the group supported me so much and made me feel at home again...

in unity