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Re: New Member. My story. Help needed. - smartie - 03-04-2012

mattrobert Wrote:I believe this addiction is going to be in my head all my life and its going to be 1 big battle! When i drive down any street all the bookies seem to be made aware in my head. When ever there gambling adverts on the tv there always made more aware in my head than other adverts. I no in a couple of days i wont feel as low as this as i will try and block it all out! i need to face up to my problem!

Hi Matt, welcome to the GA forum

Felt alot of honesty and self reflection from your appear to be aware that gambling is a problem is your life and know its going to be challenge to recover from the addiction...

Have you had a look at the other posts of the forum? Also on the main GA page - the New to ga tab? Have you checked out your nearest GA meeting?

The good thing about GA for me is there is so much hope...I'm not on my own....I get as much support as i need and so much more...

If you want to stop gambling and want some help..maybe ga could help you...but you have to want to stop and be willing to put some work in too...

Best of recovery to you Matt...
Keep in touch...
In unity