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Re: new and scared - smartie - 12-09-2012

Hi Sosad,

Never heard of people having to sign up for GA and not being given even a q and a book...but there could be a first time..

This illness I suffer from is very strong and it tells me all the time that I can stop on my own and that I don't need GA etc, but I've learnt from experience that I need to keep going on a regular basis..

Many family members turn up with their partners the first time...often to make sure they do actually turn up..Although family members aren't generally allowed in GA meetings, someone from the GA group will usually come out and speak to the family member...and maybe you could ask them for some literature yourself?

If you have a look on the main ga page via the download section, some of the literature is listed there too..maybe you could have a read of some of it?

If you wish to speak to someone on a more 1-1 basis about this group, you could contact the National Secretary via the Contact us link on the main GA page...even if its just to put your mind at rest...

I really hope he gets back to the group and attends on a regular basis for all your sakes...
I wish you the best
Smartie xxx

Re: new and scared - BigDave - 12-09-2012

Although I can only speak for myself and possibly all the other compulsive gamblers I have met over the years, when I am in 'action' I am also a compulsive liar too.

No GA member has to sign anything when joining GA. Your partner would have known this if he had attended a meeting. I am not saying that your partner is lying as I cannot speak for every GA meeting in the country, but for the 70 different meetings (in this country) I have attended and knowledge of the basic format of GA I would say that it is a fair excuse to be able to watch a football match on the tv!

Big Dave (Eastcote/Uxbridge)