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Re: I am victim of compulsive gambling. - BigDave - 14-02-2013

Hi Sajed

Thank you for posting. In my opinion meetings are essential an anyone's recovery. There is no coincidence in the fact that the people who have been off gambling the longest are generally the ones who attend the most regularly.

I hope you have great success with the religious way, however, the GA way is the only one for me. The guidance and support that GA can offer is not easily matched and I have yet to find an equal alternative. By attending regularly I am not only helping myself but making a commitment to support GA (whether it be by my presence and input or just my couple of quid in the collection to pay for the room) and those members who have helped me.

Look forward to seeing you again at the meeting

Big Dave (Eastcote.Uxbridge/Cen. London Sat)