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Re: first year therapy - smartie - 23-06-2013

Lovely, Humbling...Hopeful..

Thanks for sharing the hope Darren...

In unity
Smartie xx

Re: first year therapy - BigDave - 23-06-2013

Congratulations on your first year gambling free Darren.

There is a great book to read now, whether you have read it or not, read it again. 'Deviations Along the Road to Recovery'.

I don't want to sound negative because you have done great but I have witnessed so many GA members decide not to keep coming after they have reached their first year recognition. Plagued with manipulating thoughts from this addiction. I'm cured now! Don't have to do as many meetings now! etc, etc...

I am not saying this will be you as I know the effort you have put in and how involved you are. I am merely saying be extra vigilant. This illness is sneaky and it is easy to relax a bit more in regards to recovery once the first big milestone has been reached.

Looking forward to meeting you again mate. Take care of yourself.

Big Dave (Eastcote/Uxbridge)