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Re: 90 day and year pins - BigDave - 07-08-2013

Hi Ricky

A 90 day pin does not exist. There is a 90 day 'pen' however, but they are not as yet widely available. Also, in regards to a 1 year pin, I am not sure if there are any left as GA has changed now from pins to medallions. Pins are, however, available from the ISO website (GA USA).

These types of things are not usually obtained by the individual, but by the group, and presented to the individual as a sign of recognition. Yearly recognitions are normally done at open meetings to show the individuals' dedication to GA along with their hard work and devotion to not gambling. There is a GA meeting attendance requirement for this which I believe is a minimum of 26 meetings in each year.

Big Dave (Eastcote/Uxbridge)