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Re: need to chat to some1 asap - smartie - 17-08-2013

Have you looked at the information phone numbers on the Main GA page?

We have a GA chat room on the Main GA page too

Have you read the 'new to ga' link on the main ga page?........... explains about ga and how it can help?

Re: need to chat to some1 asap - smartie - 21-08-2013

melita27 Wrote:I understand what you are saying but haven gone to gamblers annoymous I just sat there and spoke about what I had done and what I had spent. Nobody could talk to me back. Maybe if I got to have a too way conversation. I would become Stronger.

That's why GA has sponsorship as part of the GA recovery programme Melita...

Maybe ask about it next week or give another member a ring?

There's a great booklet on sponsoring that you can read too...

In unity
Smartie xx