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Re: guilt - BigDave - 30-10-2013

Hi John

I used to get similar dreams as well as the usual gambling ones. I think they are quite common. I like to believe that I have gained so much strength while I am awake at keeping my addiction at bay and having essential barriers in place that, the only time the illness can try to get back into my life is while I am sleeping.

There was a point when these dreams/nightmares would happen every night, this went on for years, it was not a great time for me. What has helped me is talking about them. I used to speak about them in my therapies in GA meetings quite often and with a counsellor. Although the counselling sessions were much more productive as my counsellor would give me feedback and often explain certain meanings. It was a great help but the process was quite an ordeal as I found much of the dream content rather difficult to explain let alone actually speak about. But, in the end worthwhile.

I rarely get those nightmares now, they seem to be a thing of the past. I suppose it is because I was able to explore them and give them closure.

Big Dave