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unable to get to local GA meetings - pippa148 - 13-12-2013

hi all this is the first time i have visited this site and i am hoping this will work for me;i have been a compulsive gambler for over 10 years now, my downfall has been the internet and having to retire from work due to ill health. Thanks to my gambling i have lost our home and have nearly lost my daughters due to my selfishness and deceit.I have attended a few GA meetings and my daughter has attended the family meeting too. I really am trying my best to attend the meetings but they are at night and in town so it means my getting buses and trams in the dark, i struggle to leave the house at the best of times so i am hoping to get support from this site to keep me on track especially over the xmas and new year period !!!! please can anyone who suffers from the same problem in reaching GA meetings reply to let me know how they manage to stay on track ? thankyou all n good luck in beating this illness x

Re: unable to get to local GA meetings - BigDave - 13-12-2013


Have you asked at your local meeting if someone lives near you who can give you a lift? You will be surprised the amount of people willing to help, but you've got to ask. When I first stopped gambling I couldn't afford to get to meetings, a member who lived near me gave me a lift there and back for nearly a year until I got back on my feet. Car-sharing happens often within GA.

Also, there is an online meeting in the chatroom every Thursday evening at 9pm. It is not quite the same as a regular meeting (imo) but the essence is still the same. It is a sanctioned GA meeting, you just type instead of speak.

Big Dave.

Re: unable to get to local GA meetings - pippa148 - 13-12-2013

hi thanks for that i will try it and see if anyone going my way but think i may give it a few more meetings before asking, i will definately try the thursday meeting thankyou

Re: unable to get to local GA meetings - BigDave - 14-12-2013

I would ask straight away. You don't have to get to know people first, just ask. As I mentioned before, you would be surprised the people willing to help, people who you barely know. This is the beauty of GA, a Fellowship of men and women willing to help the fellow compulsive gambler.