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im 26... time to stop - breeze1987 - 20-12-2013

Hi. Im 26 i have been gambling since the age of 20. It may not seem a long time 6 years.. but it has felt like a lifetime. The bottom line is im ill and want to get better. I have so much to be thankful for my 6 year old daughter has kept me going since day one. my family give me all the support in the world and im tired of letting them done. i have not had a bet since 11/12/13 i will always remember that date right!! Im going to get involved with GA because im tired of it all, it has taken abit away from me that i can never get back.. I dont want to get to 30 years of age.. 40 years of age and have nothing. I see so many postings on here of grown men in there 40's 50's and it scares me.

So i will keep you all posted. Good luck to everyone. for the first time in a long time i may actually feel happy at christmas and know that im on the road to recovery