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Re: Can't stop... - BigDave - 27-04-2014


This is a new website and the Q & A section has not been added yet. Although it certainly opens the eyes it is not meant as a guide to see how far gone a compulsive gambler you are. If you are desperate enough to stop gambling that you have sought out this site and written your story then there is a good chance that GA can help.

It is great that you were able to phone a family member when you had that urge to gamble, it's very encouraging. This is one thing that GA members are urged to do (especially to other members) but often disregard. And also telling others about your problem gives you more of a chance because you no longer have the need to lie.

If you can get to a meeting Liza then I suggest that be your priority, don't put it far down your list. Many people do the same because they are scared, nervous, anxious, etc... and would rather put it off. The truth is there is absolutely nothing to worry about, all that you will find in any GA meeting is a warm welcome and far more support than you ever imagined.

Just like every other compulsive gambler that comes to this forum looking for help, the help is in the meetings, it really is. It was there for me in February 2006 and still is today. I have not gone a week without a meeting since June 2006 and it is no coincidence that I have not gambled. It can be the same for you too!

Big Dave (Eastcote/Uxbridge)