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No Gamblers Anonymous Help where we live
There is no Gamblers Anonymous where we live and I would like to know if you offer counselling online?
Hi john2808

I am from Brisbane,Australia.

I am sure the administrator will let you know whether they offer online counselling.

The site in the UK that does offer online counselling is

With the UK being a relatively small country, I am surprised that there is not a GA meeting within a short driving distance.

I have known of some of our members in OZ to drive 2 hours to get to a meeting! Better than gambling for those 2 hours!

This site will be able to help, as will others of the same ilk. BUT there is nothing that compares to a GA meeting.
They understand because they have all done what you have done, they know the troubles you are going thru, and how to alleviate the urge to gamble. Best of all we don't judge! How could we...who amomg us is to say that we are better than anyone else?

Remember one thing...keep it day at a time.

Best wishes
Dear John,

Taking your comment literally - there is no Gamblers Anonymous (GA) where we live - you are quite right, unless you actually live in one of our meeting rooms there won't be! However, if you are willing to travel a bit (maybe a few miles, maybe further all depending where you live) you can get to one. Attending will be well worth the effort - it was for me, today I have a new life.

No, GA does not offer online counselling.

GA is staffed entirely by volunteers who have varying levels of experience of gambling. I myself have no personal "hands on" experience of the new 'virtual' machines in the bookies. I have plenty of experience (wasted time and money) in the bookies and arcades. By attending a "real" GA meeting you will find people who gambled on your "medium" of choice and who now no longer need to do so. These are ordinary people from all walks of life. The invitation is there to join them and begin to start your recovery to a new life. Please take it.

There is no substitute for meetings.

'Poster' David (Barnsley)
I have just moved to Guernsey, and there are no meetings at all on the island. The closest is Jersey but, even if I was willing to pay for it, there are no evening planes.

Does anybody have a suggestion? I will try the online meeting tomorrow night but I'm not convinced it will be a good substitute.

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