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24 years of addiction
I spent 24 years in active addiction, finally in March of this year, I hit my rock bottom. I am now 44 and I am in m 7th month of recovery. I spent 28 days in a treatment centre and I owe my life to those councilors and fellow group members during my stay, also to my ex-wife and two sisters, who came on family days to give me insight into what my addiction had done to them and my two children. And I am now trying to make amends to my ex-wife and family in a balanced way. I attend at least 2 GA meetings a week, plus my aftercare group, which is a group of 10 people who were at the treatment centre. We have given a commitment to attend aftercare for 2 years, meet weekly for 2 hours and share our weekly lives, and I find this to be of immense benefit.
I also have a sponsor who I ring at least once a week to share my thoughts. It’s a great tool to have in my vigilance. I also keep in touch with my higher power on a daily basis; life is good at the moment I pray to God not to gamble today each day. I repeat that each night and I thank him.

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