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Today I have quit
Today I have quit gambling, I never knew there was such a support group, I never realised it was such a life changing thing to be addicted to gambling. I'm about to ask my girlfriend to sit down and read all of the stories here, maybe so she can understand the way it catches you, makes you feel, and sickens you to the stomach and makes you shake with fear in the realisation of what you have done. But, for the whole time you spend gambling, or the minutes or hours leading up to it, you don’t mean to be selfish, self involved or careless, you just are. You literally are in your own little world; nothing else enters your head, taking money into an arcade with a ‘set limit’, or setting a time to leave means nothing when you leave broke, not because you meant to, but because no rational thoughts enter your head, the thinking of stopping, or what time it may be isn’t even there, no-one except the machine in front of you. It’s like a trance. I can’t promise to instantly stop, but with all my will I'll stay stopped until the meeting this week, my first, and to be honest I'm scared. I think she knows how much of a problem it is, but it’s not something I've opened up about, mainly because I am a logical person, and to me, gambling, and being addicted to it and not being in control makes no sense, so how can I explain it to another. Things are tight financially; I support us both, or should be, but the tighter things get the more I want to gamble to make things easier, which in turn makes things worse, you can see the cycle, as I have read with many other peoples story’s. I'm trying to give up, so if you are reading this please try and give up too, there are many people like us who need help, and we can give it to each other, I might be scared, but I am also looking forward to the meeting this week, and being free of this disease. I know it won’t be instant or easy but I will go for it whole heartedly. Take care, and remember, an addiction can be beaten.

My name is john and i am a conpulsive gambler. I just wanted to firstly congratulate you on this 1st step. I have been to my first meeting just last Thursday and my second one yesterday.
There is nothing to be scared off, going to your first meeting. You will be welcomed with open arms. I have loved my first meetings and you don't have to say a word if you don't want to. These are all extrodinary people from all walks of life, all races that come together to help eachother.
I really hope you go to the meeting and keep going. I hope I will too. One day at a time.

All the best,

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