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My Reminder Poem
I recently found a poem I wrote when I was at my worst whilst gambling. I now use it is a reminder of how things used to be and a detterrent from complancey. I would like to share the poem - it describes my feelings back then:

This is my soul, shattered,torn
A six foot monster has been born
This is my world, empty , bare
A beast that lives without a care
This is my brain, scrambled, fried
The cheeky grin has long since died
This is my mouth, these are my eyes
A horrid spiteful web of lies
This is my body, this is my face
An evil demon takes my place
This is me, this is my heart
Tearing my whole life apart
This is my guilt, this is my sorrow
I will not be this beast tommorow
But morning comes I feel anger, rage
Another day I wake in my lonely cage
This is my life, this is who I am
A bitter, twisted, selfish man
This is I, this is me
This is not who I want to be.
I can totally relate. thanks for sharing.
A very good,honest and true poem of which I can relate very much to now,even though Im 92 days bet free.It is how things are.Andy
This poem really touched a nerve (the good kind).
Thank you for sharing it.
Thanks guys, thought it was just me that felt like that!
read it out at meeting on friday!
hi andy, i'm happy for you, it's a great victory even you says you're feeling better
I stayed free for 21 days only and then i gambled and gambled until yesterday.
I made my self-exclusion of all sites poker online; this time definitely i have to stop, i'm ruined and sick. I began gambling two years ago only but it's enough for to destroy my life, i'm ashamed and i try to find the strength and the will to stop gambling.
I see you and i say me : if he can i can too.
Congratulations for your willpower

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