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please help me
hi, i really looking for some help and advice. i cant walk past a bookmakers without going in to play on the machines (blackjack usually). i usually end spending every last spare penny ive got in there and come out feeling so ashamed of what ive done as i know i shouldnt be doing it. i keep trying to tell myself its the last time i will do it however the next week i am back in there. i thought about going to a meeting but due too work commitments cant make it. i really dont where to turn please help.
Hello Helpme24,

If you can not walk past a bookmakers without entering it and losing all your money, I suggest you do not walk past bookmakers and do not carry excess money or access to money (bank cards etc). On reading this you might think it sounds like a flipant comment, however it is one of the things I ensured I did for over two years following my latest gambling binge and the resultig situation I found myself in. Many times I have got in my car and driven to the carpark at the other side of a parade of shops just to buy a drink or some cigarettes, rather than walk the 200 or so yards from where I was working. I did this because otherwise I would have had to walk past a bookmakers, a temptation I did not need then and one I can do without now. My point is that with a bit of effort you can reduce the amount of bookmakers you have to walk past if you want to. The money bit should be obvious.
Regards your inability to get to a meeting due to work commitments. That sounds like a poor excuse to me. Depending on where in the country you live there are meetings on 5,6 or 7 evenings a week (see this website for details), usually well within an hours drive. Make the effort, book a day/evening off work if you need to. It might make the difference between you having work commitments or not in the future!!!

Adam C.

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