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One day at a time
I have been in and out of G.A for 6 years now but i returned and went to a meeting on monday it is now thursday and i am still succesfuly abstaining i owe all sorts of nasty people money and im a real mess but just 3 days off of gambling has made me open my eyes to how simple and wonderful life can be i have decided to give my self a chance by embracing everything G.A has to offer things are tough but it will only get worse for me if i carry on gambling i have simply excepted that my money is gone and it is not coming back and im never gonna win a life i feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and i know i have a real good future to look forward to as long as i keep attending meetings and i dont try to solve all my life problems at once and its just ONE DAY AT A TIME!! I wish you all well in your recovery
What your post says to me is "meetings make it". You have been in and out of GA for 6years and owe all sorts of unsavories money. Well way this works is you must live also, a fair comfort of lifestyle and the hardest thing is often to face all of these debts. GA gives you a programme of recovery and means you are not alone in your struggle but dont resign yourself to "life stops here" it may not seem so but its actually the flip side "life starts here". First you need to continue meetings, this you know but also dont hide from any responsibilities without effecting your new "normal life". You need to commit 100% to the programme, after 6 years you should know if you did before life would be better. A day at a time friend and all these problems will dissapear.....but by focus on a "better life" good luck and welcome back to the programme...
im in to my ninth day now but im still ill and keep on making excuses not to go to meetings i know the only way for me to stop is by making meetings i feel great for not gambling in 9 days and i dont have a desire to at the moment but i know how easily and quickly it can happen im trying to occupy my self and keep my feet on the ground and take it one day at a time im going to cleveland street on thursday for a meeting i know i have to keep positive and just have to get a hold of this terrible illness

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