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I need help as my partner...
Hello i have a problem, i love my partner very much but he has a gambling addiction and it is causing problems in our relationship.
It seems that every time he has money it is gone within a split second and all he seems to think about is when he is going to gamble. He's lies all of the time and twists everything i say and also threatens to kick me out of our flat when i confront him and i dont think i can take much more.

I need advice? Anything you can suggest to help him and me through this, i know he wont go to the meetings that have been set up so that wont work.

Hi Netty, Sorry it's taken so long for someone to answer you. I am a compulsive gambler in recovery through the GA program.
I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but unless your boyfriend is ready to admit and then do something about his gambling things will only get worse for you and especially for him, but you can do something to protect yourself and your finances. Do you have family you can talk with about this? If you are going to stay in this situation you will need support and there is a program for the family, partners etc of compulsive gamblers and it's called Gamanon and there you come to understand what this illness is about and about how you can deal with it. You can find the information on this web site. Gambling is a serious illness and affects many people connected with it.
Come back here (to the share section) and let us know if you need further help.
Take Care

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