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The worst feeling in the world....

A very honest story that you have posted on here. I can totally empathise with you. I have done all the things that you have mentioned. I don't really have much advice for you, I just wanted you to know you are not alone. I have done terrible things that I honestly didnt think I was capable of, but gambling does that to us. I have not had a bet for a month, this is down to support from my family and girlfriend. I really hope that you can sort things out by February, if you can't, dont despair and return to gambling, this will only make things worse. Every time I have tried to solve my problems by gambling, they have only become worse. I am not in a great situation by any means, but everyday I wake up and remind myself that things arent getting worse. Be strong and I am sure you will overcome this, only you can do it. Good Luck, I wish you all the best

I am going to be pretty brutal to you, I apologise. First my name is Barrie and I am a compulsive gambler.

Firstly and most importantly you made a good choice to be very open and honest with your post but it doesnt finish there.

I am going to tell you a brief outline of my story...

By 22 I had done worse than you, stole, lied, lived rough all through gambling. My father believing gambling was "gone" not an issue set up into business with me.

I am not proud to say the odd quid would dissapear but what followed was more. Business became successful and my access to cash was greater.

I cannot condone you for your actions but what I am going to do is offer you the best advice you are ever going to hear. What you will have to do will take huge courage but for the long term you will maybe never understand why I tell you this but I am speaking from experience.

You must come clean NOW...with the guy you owe o. Like putting a final nail in the coffin on gambling, your Gf seems supportive so she can help you to fight this.

If not what will happen is complacency will arrive as will nerves and you will continue to gamble, the hole will get deeper and deeper.

You need meetings and maybe you're not ready for that, to finally say enough is enough. I did 4 years ago after losing the future wife, business that i had so carefully built, all my assets gone, life in tatters.

I took solitude from the fact no longer was gambling controlling my life, I wasn't living with "oh I can fix it by February: I just became normal.

Normally worrying about bills, worrying about life, worrying about future, but living day by day to be a better person.

If you don't come clean you cannot lift the are a compulsive gambler, its a disease and it will eat at you.

Let me know if you can get to a meeting and best wishes to getting on a programme.


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