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I've just found out that my younger brother has been gambling for the last two years. I couldn't believe it! not my brother! hell no! but the truth is slowly sinking in. He came to us as for help told us that he stopped six months ago. he said he has told us everything no more lies! I wanted to kill him scream at him but thought whats the point. you cant kick a man when he's already down. I dont no wether to believe him or not it's so hard. Crazy thoughts in my head I keep asking myself how, why, when, what drove him too it. it's all too much my head feels like it's going to explode!!!
I need help to try and understand, I feel so sad in my heart and numb to everything I want to cry feel so empty and i feel like the victim! Is this normal?
Hello So Low,
Please visit <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w --> then go to a GamAnon meeting all your questions will be answered.
Yours In Unity,
Steven C

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