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First time doing this , have been gambling for years not every day but seem to have binges every so often and lose a hell off alot sometimes win but in the end always lose. Is there anyway of self excluding from casinos like you can on the online ones?? As i always end up there after a night out and blow silly amounts of money its getting to the point where it could affect my home life etc and want to stop before it does many thanks for any advice
Hello Freshstart, You can self exclude from any casino in The UK I would advise you to GO to your nearest GA Meeting where I'm sure an experienced GA member will go with you to the casino reception (do NOT go into the casino itself) take some passport photos with you every casino should have self exclusion forms available fill in the form attach your photo. You should repeat this with all casinos in the area that you would drive to in order to gamble and even a bit beyond.

In my experience self exclusion is a great start but without attendance at a GA meeting your only giving yourself a very limited chance of recovery. Ask the question how much do you want to give up gambling and change best wishes SC.

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