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GA Meetings
Hello, please help,

I found out this weekend that my husband has a bad gambling addiction and he is very much in debt. This was a total shock to me. He has given me his bank and credit cards and i have told him that i will sort out the money problems but i am frightened that he will take out more loans in the future behind my back. What i want to know is, is there some way he can voluntary black list himself to the temptation of getting more credit cards and loans out.

He is going to a meeting tonight so we are on the right road but i am in way over my head with dealing with all this and i really need some advice so i can begin trusting him again

Any advice will be very welcome xxxx

Hey all,

Just need some advice. Found out my husband has gambled away alot of money and it has knocked me for six. I dont know what to do, how to feel, how to act. I dont know if i feel sorry for him if im angry wif him, if i can ever trust him again, if i can stay wif someone i dont trust, what to do if it happens again. Ive got so many questions and my head is so mixed up.

He has admitted he has a problem but only because he was caught out, god knows what would have happened if i hadnt opened his letter and found a bank statement. He is going to a GA meeting tonight. Can anyone give me some advice, i feel like such a idiot, how could i have let this happen to my family?
Dear all,

My husband went to his first GA Meeting last night and said he got nothing from it. He said their was only 3 of them there and he was told that the reason it was so little because it is being run very unprofesional and people do not return. He told me he will go back but only because i want him to, i dont feel this is the point of the meetings and worry that he isnt getting the help that he needs. I dont know what to do, can anyone suggest something x
Hi, Sorry Someone has taken so long to answer you. It will difficult for me to comment on the meeting that our husband went to. Maybe there are other meetings close by that he can attend. He won't get the help he needs until he is ready to admit that gambling has taken over his life.
You need to protect yourself and your family financially and be very aware that this illness is very serious and the gambler will go to any lengths to fund his/her addiction. I am not trying to scare you but just make you aware of what a compulsive gambler is capable of. There is a program for family, friends of compulsive gamblers and it's called gamanon, you may need to to look up your nearest meeting, should be on this web site somewhere.
Re credit cards etc. I'm sure if your husband wants to fund his gambling he will find a way.
You Take Care
Thank you both for your reply. Im afraid the nearest group other than the 1 hes been too is 100 miles away as we live in the sticks in wales. Ive been on the phone all day trying to find solutions to these money problems, im hoping im on top of things now. To be honest your comments have frightened me a bit as ive taken steps to clear his debts in my name as it was the only was i could see to do things with out black listing his name as you never know what we might need in the future. I have also done this to show some trust in my husband.

He hasnt ever been so happy and i can see the relief he must feel now that i know, im hoping it has taught him a lesson and it has defo made him more open wif me, he is still going to the GA meetings hopefully it will improve. Any other advice on how to handle this would really be appreciated, i still find it difficult to understand when its referred to as a illness.

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