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25th May 2011
Have felt much worse in the last two days. I thought about betting on the French Open Tennis.

Mind you I have done well - the longer I go without betting the easy it will become as I will have alot more pride to lose.

Been revising hard for my exams and also keeping fit at the gym, keeping busy is the key at the moment. Normally in the morning I would be checking potential bets before work, But not anymore, my choice is to post on this blog. Off to work in a minute - that will also keep me busy!!

So far so good!
Hi , I understand but hope you can always realise your exams and future are more important than the French Open in 2011 .

Keep strong life has a lot more to offer than ££'s for one day or DEBTS for a lot longer etc or family eton your

Keep Focused on your immediate goal it is the one for your future !
I'm currently on day two. I think I will be coming on here everytime I get the urge.

I also have exams this week, and need to study, hopefully I can stop gambling for ever, but I definitely need the help of a site like this.

Good luck all!

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