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Cancelled all my Casino Memberships tonight
To cut a long story short, i have had three years of hell playing poker and tonight I have just decided I cannot deal with the rollercoster of emotions that I have been feeling. I am now 41 but my gambling addiction started on fruit machines when i was 15 and I did not gamble again until I discovered poker.

My gambling addiction has caused me the following

1. To attempt suicide
2. Nearly made bankrupt
3. Had a possession order made on my house (which I have just about managed to keep)
4. Near divorce of my wife
5. Spend hundreds of thousands over three years
6. Pawn my wedding and enagagement rings and lost them
7. Stole a lot of money from my mother, which I am paying back.

All in all, i have been on a path of total destruction and tonight is the night that I say enough is enough.

I know its going to be hard but I have to try or all is lost.
The path starts with admission, so well done.

Go to Ga and attend meetings, these will help certainly.

Best wishes

Just Want to send you a message of support.And wish you all the best.
No matter what will get nothing but support from the blogers on this site.

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