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Missed my first meeting
Today is the 56th day since I've placed a bet and last night was the first time that I've missed a meeting in those 7 weeks.

"So what?" Some may say, others may be quick to add "why? Did you have a slip?"

Well, the reason is very simple. I didn't make the meeting as I was travelling home after a surprise family visit (which was a round trip of over 400 miles). I don't feel bad about not making the meeting as the previous 24hrs were not about me nor my gambling but about my family members. It is round about 10 years since my partner has spent any time with her family near Christmas and by driving her to see her mother, sister, brother, daughter, grandson, nephew and nieces it made me feel good that I had played some part in making her happy. Although I have always loved my better half, the selfishness I processed when I was gambling would have meant that I would have had an eye on the horses or the football or anything else for that matter that I could have placed a bet on. With gambling not being an issue it meant that I could fully focus on what is really important to me which is my family.

I appreciate that I am still relatively early in my not gambling life but as these days of not gambling turn into weeks and in the future in turn hopefully into months and then years I can continue to focus on my family. I have made plenty of bad decisions in the past but now is the time to start making some good ones.

I hope everyone enjoys the Christmas period and that you have the opportunity to enjoy it with your family

Stay safe everyone


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