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My Name is Carl & I am a C.Gambler
I am a compulsive gambler and have been attending GA meetings for 6 months now and still have no idea how to work the 12 steps or get a mentor! It seems that everyone uses their therapy well but they don't seem to impart info about moving forward for me - Help please. Carl
Hi Carl,

Really appreciate you writing in on the GA forum...

Its a tough one for me because the GA Recovery program I feel is shared in the meetings I attend....

So what would I do? Well i love attending other GA meetings in my area. I get to hear different therapies and experiences from other gamblers in recovery...

At times i've taken the chair of the meeting, and talked about the 12 step program within the meeting and this is a great way i find of sharing ideas and getting support...

However if you feel you still need help, why not speak to your group secretary / trustees, ask for some more support/ help with following the GA recovery program....

Hope this helps....Let us know
In unity
Hi Carl

It is unfortunately common in GA. Very few members practice the 12 steps or have a mentor. The truth is that the majority of compulsive gamblers merely want to do the bare minimum to stop gambling. They shy away from doing the steps as it is a difficult task.

You have to look at the nature of a compulsive gambler. We want everything in life the easy way, now now now, we don't want to work hard for anything really. Many members in GA still try to do things their own way, so very few get mentors. Most are just content with showing up to a meeting once a week (or fortnight) and talking a bit. But, foolishly believe they are on the road to recovery.

A meeting can only be as strong as the members within it. So, if nobody talks about the steps, then no one will do then, or even think about doing them. The less people do, the less these things get promoted within GA.

I would suggest that you attend different meetings and SPEAK UP. Ask the group about sponsorship/steps. Someone will be able to help you locally. Otherwise, I believe there is a Steps meeting in the chat room on a saturday. Going to different meetings will also put you in contact with a larger variety of potential sponsors/mentors.

Maybe you could start a steps meeting yourself.

Big Dave (Eastcote/Uxbridge)
Thanks for your supportive words and advice. Will try and get on the Sat 9pm meeting

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