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im a CG
HI i am Neil 43 and a CG my earliest memory of gambling was when i was 17,when i went to pick up a bet for my dad & it all started from there.Ive only admitted to my problem 2 wks ago.Attended my first meeting last week & trying to sort things out for the better,taking each day at a time as of yet had no urges.One of the biggest problems we are facing at home at the mo is my partner coming to terms with it (which is understanderble) we are not sure how carry on do we sit down an nite and have dinner as normal try to carry on,dont get me wrong we are reading and taking advice on board.She will be attending her first meeting on thursday to get advice she is now in control of our finances and giving me pocket money are we running before we can walk or not.Any advice would be helpful many thanks Neil
Hi Neil,

Just wanted to wish you a warm welcome to the fellowship. I hope you take as much out of your recovery as i do on a daily basis...

The GA recovery program gives me a basis to my recovery and the rest of my life...i hope you incorporate it in your recovery if you choose to...

In unity


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