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a 2nd chance at a new life ....
Marcdavies1 Wrote:Yesterday morning I tried to take my own life . I had took an over dose . I did this after loosing several thousand pound over the weekend of my step mothers money . I didn't know what else to do I have battled with this disease for 12 years and this was the final straw for me . I couldn't help myself every time I had money my first instinct was to put a bet on and go on the roulette machines and try and win money . It's took this long for me to get the help as I spoke to a psychologist who helped me more than ever in the 20 minute chat we had . I'm lucky to be alive and still here now . And I'm seeking any help I can I'm now a member and going to my first meeting tonight .

Well done Marc on this first step....Continuing recovery from this addiction is a progress and you're at the first step....
Attending my first meeting was exhausting....but someone took me through how GA works and offered me the 12 step recovery program...I hope they do the same for you later....if not let us know...

There's so much support in GA...sometimes through I need to dig a little harder to find it...

Keep in touch
Smartie xx

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