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just when I thought I couldn't get deeper.
Hello Peaky

Yeah when you mention to people in meetings how bad this addiction can get, you often see their eyes glaze over. Its not that they don't believe you....its just many think that's not them...

I didn't think it would be me...

I thought I had a gambling problem or a habit, but i didn't...It took me a long time to accept I was an addict...

Cured? Said the same myself too Peaky but I made the right choice and went back to GA / counselling / etc....

The lottery, premium bonds, stocks and shares and even things like the free gambling opportunities are ways that gambling keeps me in the loop...I can think it won't harm me, it won't cost me much....but its like icebergs...much of the damage you can't see...

Hope you make the right choices Peaky...

Smartie xx

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