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Advice please
I'm new to this site and would like some advice.  I don't want to give up gambling and I can't see myself doing that but I need some help on my control of it.  I can go periods without having a bet and not worrying about having one but then spend all my money after I've been paid.  Fortunately I wait until my mortgage, council tax etc has come out of my account but can then blow the rest on occasions and have nothing left for the month.  I did recently "borrow" some of the holiday money my partner and I have put aside and she found out, hence why i'm now writing this email.  I enjoy analysing the form and can have a bet and sometimes win but then then get the urge to straight away gamble it away on something I have no knowledge of whatsoever.  Most of my gambling is online and I would like to continue and be able to control it; can someone give me some advice or give me details of other forums, as this site is ostensibly for those that want to give up.  My other half would like me to attend a meeting but as I said previously I can't see myself giving up and therefore wouldn't see any benefit in it.

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