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GA class's
(24-08-2019, 05:02 AM)FindYourTrigger Wrote: This is just a personal opinion. 

After being to 4 GA class's which failed. 
I had to self evaluate why it failed ... 
I personally had to find my triggers which were, night time online betting.
I addressed that by gamstop which stopped me being able to place a bet online completely . 
I would just like to address GA as a whole in this post as I feel all we do is speak about gambling when in reality we are trying to take it out our life. 
What chance do you have to forget a out it when once, twice or three times a week you speak about it.
Its just a thought and I'd like feedback on my opinion.


It took some time for me to understand what my emotional triggers were, they were pains unhealed, my fears not faced, my frustration due to my unreasonable expectations of people life and situations, my loneliness due to my fears of emotional intimacy, my boredom due to the fact I was not very efficient in my want time.

My anger was due to my pains unhealed, my fears not faced, my frustration due to my unreasonable expectations of people life and situations, my frustration were covered by the serenity prayer and once I reduced my unreasonable expectations of people life and situations, I stopped causing pains up on myself.

I did not know how to celebrate in healthy ways.

I did not know how to be self sufficient in my needs wants and my goals.

When we do things that adversely affect other people we are going against our own conscience.

Sadly will often think they other people yet did not hurt our self.

In the recovery program we should be talking about our solutions in life, not living in the symptoms of our addictions and obsessions.

For me the recovery program is about healing and finding emotional resolve.

For me working the recovery program is self rewarding.

The ideal situation is to be emotionally detached from gambling or any other addiction or obsession.

Guilt shame regret hatred jealous discontent where a high ten our of ten, now they are in low single numbers.

Healthy recovering people the recovery program talk about solutions they do not live in the past.

Each break out gambling is a lesson if we are willing to learn from it.

It takes time for meeting to move from war stories to deep seated therapies.

I no longer want to be the rat in the wheel going faster and faster getting no where.

Being in an addiction is not fun I did not love it, it was self abuse and neglect.

The recovery program is a guide to a healthy life being productive and content with who I am, with who I am with, where I am, and where I want to be.

A point is where I went from being the talker to being the walker.

It is not what I say which is important but what I do.

Love and peace to every one.

Dave L

AKA Dave of Beckenham

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