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Can't Stop
Afternoon All,

This is my first time on the forum and I have never attended any meetings etc.

Late last summer, my gambling started to get out of control (August / September time). My stakes rose significantly, initially I saw Xk of winnings hit my account and everything was rosy, I honestly thought this would continue.

By Christmas, I had spent all of that £Xk on gambling and was Xk into my overdraft with a maxed out Xk CC and no money for my bills. It was at this point I opened up to my fiance and safe to say she was devastated - we were meant to be saving for a wedding.

I stopped for 3 months, before selfishly attending Cheltenham with my father, gambling £XX on the day. I then desperately tried to get this money back, and lost another £Xk on a CC my fiance didn't know about. 

I opened up to my parents in April when I was at breaking point, and they cleared the £Xk secret CC for me.

I then refrained from gambling again until September at which point I started to gamble on my CC again, I had paid my overdraft off and my CC was down to £Xk. I am now sat here, with a maxed out overdraft and an over balance CC and feel like there is no hope of ever turning this around.

I seem to be my own worst enemy with this one.

I am not posting this for pity but I just want to get it all out there to people who might be going through something similar, as it has been a very lonely year so far.

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