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First Post
Where do to begin. I have been with my partner for several years and love him unconditionally. A year or so ago I found out that he was a gambler. He showed great courage to disclose this following a conversation regarding finances. I wrongly read his bank statement to discover that he had gambled £xx in three months. Following this, he blocked the online sites and spoke openy about it. Time past and we fell back into normal life and routine. Recently he has been inconsistent with his contribution towards the bills I asked if I could see his accounts to reassure me that he is being honest and he responded that he would give me his bank card and all the cash that he earns and that is all he is prepared to do. He has declined to explore one to one support and reported that the reason for this was because he did not need to. I explained that it would be useful to see his account to enable to work together as a team. We are going round and round. He becomes defensive and the situation becomes emotionally draining. I don't want to leave but at the same time I do not feel that he is ready to accept support. How do I proceed?

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