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Hello Anon. Takes a great deal of courage to do what you are doing by seeking help. Kudos for taking that big step. Your partner should be in Gamblers Anonymous which can give him all the help he needs and wants. But sad to say if he doesn't want the help provided by GA there is little that can be done by you or anybody else. He has to want help in order to get help. But that doesn't prevent you from getting help. Suggest you check out the Gamanon program which is for the family and friends of the compulsive gambler. There you will learn how to deal with your partner and the addiction. But above all you will learn how to protect yourself because the compulsive gambler will go to any length in pursuit of his addiction. Give Gamanon a try, meetings all over England. Just show up, no reservations needed. Wish you the best. LewB.-Woodbury Monday

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