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Living in fear is not healthy for me, how healthy and productive can I get today
I was not a very healthy motivated person earlier in my life, once I identified the fact that when I procrastinated it was not very healthy, procrastination was often lack of confidence lack of self esteem and more often fear based, that when I justified my failings I was not being honest to myself, Brian Tracey helped me understand that when I needed to work things out in my head I needed to be relaxed and not stress myself out, I have found very often that when I let go of thinking about a challenge it is a short period of time I found out how to resolve my challenges, the reason I had so many fears in my life was due to painful events in my life that had not been healed and resolved, my addictions and my obsessions indicated that I had certain emotional triggers. My triggers were my pains not healed, my fears having not been faced, my frustrations  were due to my unreasonable expectations of people life and situations, due to my expectations I was in effect hurting myself and causing myself pains, my loneliness was due to fear of emotional intimacy, and my boredom because I was unable to be healthy and motivated in my life, in time I would give of  myself unconditionally, I would learn to be honest with out being cruel. Every one has their own idea what success is, some might think that money makes you feel successful, yet in the middle of my life I would start to learn that success is all about my healthy actions and healthy words would make me feel successful in myself.  People will justify saying or doing unhealthy things to other people, they will often think that they wanted justice, sadly they were being vengeful and by causing other people pains they would think that they have resolved their own pains, how long to learn that vengeance and healing our pains is not the same thing. How much do I value time and relationships today. Can I be myself today with out any fears. Can I express appreciation and gratitude to every one in my life today, can I be myself today not fearing any kind of emotional intimacy today. Do I live my life with out any fear in me today. How can I reach another challenge in my life knowing there is always an answer to every challenge in my life today. That I will not allow fear to limit how much more I can do with my life today. That I know that love is giving of myself unconditionally not holding back in any way.

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Living in fear is not healthy for me, how healthy and productive can I get today - by gadaveuk - 07-10-2021, 02:37 PM

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