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My Therapy
hi Johm.

First of all thank you for sharing your amazing storey.
Cambleing has also robbed me of everything my self respect. home. life savings.and so on as inportant as the money i lost was to my family.
They have lost a lot more the kids lost ther dad my wife lost her you i stopped gambleing for a long time and when i started again.
Also like you i lost all control completely one night i won what some people would earn in a year.and then i gambled like a madman makeing bets i new deep down i Could not win it was as if i wonted to lose.the realy crazy thing is i am not working and completely broke.after i lost it all in less then two hours i did not have enough for a pack of cigs no petrol to take my kids to school utillity bills that needed to be paid. My point is i think depresstion is a major contributor to this illness i am currently being treated for clinical depresstion,and like you have battled depression al my life.
As part of my treatment i am attending a anxiety management course.dealing with negative thoughts and actions i am in the early stages of the course.but i am very intrested to see has any body else Taken this approach to trearment for ther addiction.
Your storey sounds so relevent to mine its uncanny.take care and god bless.


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