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Addicted to online gambling
Hello Gem, This sure is a insidious disease and once we are bitten can go to any lengths to have our next bet, in the hope that we will win so that we can give it back the next time and around and around we go in the vicious cycle.
You must want to stop for yourself firstly and not by the threat of your husband leaving although that may be what you need to make you stand up and realize that you need help. I tried various things to try and stop when I was in the grips of gambling but found the only solution for me was in a Gamblers Anonymous meeting where I could share my story knowing that the other members there had walked where I was. That is a program of honesty but first you need to admit that you are powless over your gambling and are willing to do what the program sugests. The one thing I have learned is that us compulsive gamblers can not do this alone and need the support and help of the program.
I wish you well and hope you can go to a nearbye meeting.
Helen 10 year ga australia

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