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any light at the end of the tunnel?
Hi all, I'm new to this forum or any forum for that matter. I'm 24 grew up in a family where my father gambled once a week controlled but i guess this introduced to me to the whole experience and led to me bet from a young age. It was never really a problem until i went to university and found i had to much spare time and overdrafts and credit cards being thrown at me from the banks!! I developed a serious gambling addiction and which cost me friends, my girlfriend and i believe the trust of my family to this day when they found out.

It got so bad i had to declare my self bankrupt as there was no possible way of paying off my debts. I sought counselling which helped the problem for a while and moved back in with my mum and dad who i gave control of my finances.

Things improved briefly but lately i feel myself falling back into the old routine. I just have the one bank account which my wages get paid in to and so cant loose more than what i earn but my life feels totally pointless as i lose all my money a few days after pay day and then struggle borrowing until the end of the month when i pay off my debts and then seem to continue the cycle again..

I feel myself driving away all the people who love me and becoming more and more of a recluse and am seriously questionning now whether i can ever stop this. I dont feel i can get involved in any relationship as i never have any money despite having a good job and dont want to let people down as i have others in the past.

I make friends easily,girlfriends, have family that love me and yet seem intent on destroying my life.. Just yesterday i was having a great day out with friends, then left the pub to go and gamble and lost all the money i had on me playing roullette in the bookmakers and then trudged home leaving everyone wondering where id gone...

Sorry to chat on and bore you just dont know what to do anymore, really DO NOT KNOW what to do, any help would be appreciated

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