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How do I stop this?
I have just joined the site and haven't really read any other postings. I guess my story will be very similar to other peoples story. I am married, with a young son. I started gambling on slot machines in my teens. I knew I was addicated to them, but didn't gamble on anything else. I used to spend most of my wages when I started to work on these. One New Years resolution about 14 years ago I decided to stop and haven't touched one since. However about five years ago I started to gamble online at the casino's. At first it was occasionally and for small amounts. However almost from the day my wife got pregnant until now ( about 4 1/2 years ) I have spent hours each day online gambling. I had a good job, but spent all my surplus money online. I then started to get in debt and found myself owing to credit cards. I then had a lucky win online and cleared this debt. I thought I had got out of jail. Instead of stopping I got worse. Just over six months later I found myself thousands in debt. Again I managed to make money on the stock market and paid off this debt. I vowed never to gamble again. Yet three months later I was losing money again. I lost my job twelve months ago and have still continued to gamble. This time I find myself in debt again, but this time I have no real income. Everytime I seem to get back in front I fall further behind. My wife has no idea about my debts. Until that time I had spent lost "only" a few thousand online. I feel I have no control of my life. I feel like I am in a bubble. I cannot concentrate on anything else. I do not spend much time with my wife or son. I am just amazed how I have managed to hide this for so long. I now think what a difference that money would make to our lives. Please can some one help. I cannot attend a GA meeting as under no circumstances can I let my wife find out, as that way she would find out about my debts. Any help or suggestions would be great.

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