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How do I stop this?
Hi, Your story sounds very familiar to me and it's what most compulsive gamblers do through out their lives.
Secrets will eventually kill us and if your really want to get into recovery from this illness you will need to tell your wife everything without leaving anything out. the only thing that I know that works for us people is GA. I'm sure there is rehabilition homes that you can go into short term and these may help but GA is a lifelong program as this illness will never go away on it's own. I think that knowing why we are compulsive gamblers is not important but treating it is imperative. Ring a GA hotline and see if you can talk to someone there and tell them what you have said on here, I'm pretty sure they will tell you the same thing as I have.
When we cross the line into compulsive gambling there is no turning back and I believe that it can never be controlled.
All GA requires is that you admit and are willing to do something about your gambling.
I send you my best wishes and hope you get the help that you and your family deserve.
Helen GA Australia

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