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Addicted student
Hey Becky, i noticed your post as soon as i logged onto this forum for the first time and i knew immediatly what i was going to read when i clicked on it. You see, im 24 now, and became addicted to gambling when i was at uni like yourself. First it was fruit machines, then the bigger fruit machines, then fruit machines online and finally the Fixed Odds Betting Terminals in the bookies (yes, thats what they're really called!!). My addiction nearly ruined my degree and had devastating financial and emotional consequences that im still feeling today. Your addiction is going to destroy you if you dont do something about it and thats a fact. Im speaking harshly here, but out of experience, its absolutely paramount that you take action.

Im going to be straight to the point about what you must do: First people have pointed out that you have a local meeting somewhere nearby, you need to go to that and not try the typical gambler things of making excuses about distance, or being the only woman etc. Sorry, it may sound rude of me to make assumptions of you like this but i know gamblers, i am one, and i know your subconscious mind will try to prevent you from going. You must not let it! Secondly you can get good computer software to block online gambling, permanently. Its hidden and irremovable and also quite cheap. Google and download. You can also self exclude yourself from all the bookies as im sure they'll tell you in the meetings, but this is the most difficult thing of all to do because it involves going in and asking. They legally have to exclude you if you ask but some bookmakers attempt to make this deliberately hard for people to do. The reason for this is they dont want to lose such a large source of income, but im sure you have no desire to be that source of income either - im sure you have ambitions of your own, things you want to achieve in life. I gotta tell you honestly, you'll never do any of those things if you keep gambling i swear it. I've seen some truly horrific things that gambling has done to people and i really dont want to see somebody so young go down that path as i nearly did.

You've been very strong by coming on here and admitting to having a problem, i meant to say that at the start - sorry! But now you need to take this further. Nobody important needs to know about your problem if you dont want to tell them but you cannot afford to do nothing. Best of luck Becky, let us know what happens.

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