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Catch 22 - Advice needed.
Hi there

This is quite possibly the hardest thing to deal with being around it all day. But be positive and if u really want to stop which it sounds like u do u need to draw urself up a plan. If you have a partner, family member or someone u trust to look after ur money then do it asap. I have recently been to a GA meeting 3 weeks ago and it changed my life. I came out a different person. They are not scary at all and now I look forward to them every week. I started by doing the things which I can affect. 1. cash card was given to my Fiance, 2.) I banned myself from all bookies where I ever have chance of going near and this has worked. 3. I carry very little cash with me. but most importantly I talk to people, GA meetings and family have been amazing.

The way I looked at it was to either be honest and let the people close to me who love me help me or deal with it alone. And when the bad times happen it is far easier to deal with it when u have support.

I think the best move is to cancel any onlline accounts etc and give your card to someone. This will stop any chance of online betting. Secondly attend the meetings. Every1 will be in the same boat as u and u will find very quickly there are people in worse situations and people who have been in far worse predicuments and got out through the help of GA

Good Luck We can all do this!!!!

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